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Consultancy example #2:
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The business case
Our client (a substantial and well-known City institution) had several applications written in a variety of 3rd generation languages and on a variety of platforms that were becoming difficult and costly to maintain. They decided to standardise both development software and hardware; they committed to rewriting existing core applications and mandated future developments be in their chosen environment.

The technical case
The client selected BEA WebLogic Server under Solaris before NT/e became involved. The client recognised that in order to effect the changeover effectively some outside advice was essential to mentor their existing staff in J2EE best practice, assist in development and be a conduit for problem-solving.

Our input
The NT/e consultancy was able to combine:
 • Experience of WebLogic/Solaris installations, JBuilder and Rational Rose, with
 • Experience of the client's historic VMS/NT/UNIX environments in place, and
 • Access to specialist expertise within BEA and NT/e as necessary.

This has resulted in the client's expectations being met. Additionally:
Advice has been provided on EJB's Enterprise Applications and WebLogic Timer services.
We have proved the use of LDAP as a backing store for their configuration data
We have provided advice on integrating their security solution with Windows 2000 Active Directory Services
We have integrated WebLogic with other specific third party products.

 • The project has proceeded to plan.
 • There has been substantial “on-the-job” knowledge transfer to the client's staff, reducing training time and costs.
 • Timescales have been reduced by NT/e developing the build and deployment systems.