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Programme Details
 NT/e has been providing consultants and mentors of standards based enterprise systems since 1996. It is now excited to be part of the OMG MDA FastStart Program. Our experience in both programme management and technical leadership enables us to offer practical assistance to senior business and technical leaders. With our solid reputation, vast experience and practical people we offer a strong incentive for organisations to move critical development to MDA: 
  Mentors, trainers and architectural consultants since 1996 
  Extensive experience in methodology transformation consulting. 
  Used by BEA (Star Partner) and Microsoft (Microsoft Certified) to mentor, train and implement systems 
  Consulted to EDS, BEA, Accenture and CSC 
  Over 250 man-years experience amongst its architects in Mainframes, UNIX, J2EE and Microsoft platforms 
  Worked with BT, Deutsche, BACS, UBS and others.  
  Experience in the public sector. 
  Author of JeeWiz! 
    Implements MDA 
    Generates J2EE - BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Oracle and JBoss  
    Generates Microsoft .Net 
    Supports Rational Rose, Popkin, Magic Draw and Microsoft Visio 
    PIM to PSM to Code transformations extensible by end-users 
  Located in London, UK 

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