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Consultancy, Projects and Training
Our core staff all have 4+ years hands-on Java Enterprise experience as consultants and/or project managers. We are expert in J2EE design/architecture and problem solving/system tuning. We have built large, business critical architectures for blue-chip clients. We are fully conversant (hands-on, not simply textbook knowledge) with available J2EE platforms, tools, architectures and methodologies.

When you should use NT/e's Services

1. Building a Java Application
We have consistently picked technology winners - we were instrumental in the development or market adoption of Windows NT, Exchange and Java Application Servers (J2EE), XML for eCommerce and security for Internet usage.

The next major emerging technology is the integration of open-source or bespoke tools to deliver B2B and B2C solutions - fast.

Whether your application is in-house or a product for resale, we have a complete integrated platform built around J2EE servers augmented by open-source technologies. This gives you:
An off-the-shelf architecture, easily adaptable if necessary
A way of integrating new tools and technologies - future-proofing your investment
Transparency - we don't cover our components in a proprietary layer to lock you in
The fastest, most flexible way of building your application. We let you focus on the business: we'll take care of the software platform.

2. Web Site problems
If you have a problem - poor performance under load, gradual slowdown, occasional errors - with a web site based on WebLogic or a J2EE server, we can help you find the solution. We have successfully fixed performance and quality problems with web sites large and small. In fact, we're the people that get called in when the major system integrators can't fix problems themselves.

3. Infrastructure and Integration
Sometimes, products don't fit with each other or your environment. We can (and do) integrate software components and provide a complete infrastructure.

In this area, experience matters.
Technical experience. Our consultants are technology masters. They know enough in a wide range of technologies (communications, e-mail, software development, languages, legacy/UNIX/PC integration) to design solid solutions and successfully deploy new or rare technologies.
Business experience. As a small, focussed company, we are close enough to business issues to understand your business drivers and design the minimum cost/timescale/risk solution to help.
End-to-end experience allows us to advise, architect, build and test/tune across your entire application space, not just the Java elements.

4. Repeat Business
We are appreciated by customers and get repeat business based on:
Technology integration - we make systems work end-to-end
"Do it" attitude - our job is to get your system working, not oversee border disputes.
Value for money - we get it right, and use highly trained and productive staff. We won't charge you to help us train junior staff.
Flexibility - if you need a day's consultancy for an architectural review, cluster tuning or a system health check, we can do it.

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