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Programme Details
This assessment has as its goal the assessing the readiness of the client organisation. Information gained during this stage is used to plan the correct approach to evaluating MDA. The following sequence is followed: 
  A half day course explaining MDA goals and promises and how it proposes to reach these. Both business and technical staff should attend this course.  
  A high-level review of the business drivers satisfied by introducing MDA. These drivers are also put in context of the overall health of the organisation.  
  Technical direction and tools are briefly examined within the context of the goals and promises of MDA. Which of these initiatives will be best suited for the MDA evaluation?  
  Review how the size, structure and infrastructure of the organisation should dictate the adoption of an agile approach such as MDA. Who will be the target MDA users? Which issues could hamper their participation?  
The NT/e team will conclude by presenting a brief report to management summarising the above organisational factors together with some recommendations. The intention of this first stage is to set the scene for the next part of the programme.  

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