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Experience has shown that one size certainly does not fit all. The intention of this exercise is to evaluate MDA within the context of the organisation's technical and organisational structure. Which parts will benefit as they are; which changes will have to be made and which areas are prime candidates to benefit from MDA adoption. These two facets of the project team have intentionally been separated so that neither part of the equation suffers.
Led by a seasoned MDA architect the technical team would consider the:
  Start and end state of technology. Which initiatives have already been started where MDA is likely to contribute towards reaching its goals quicker?  
  Which parts of the architecture or computing infrastructure is ripe to be implemented by MDA? The team will pay attention to cost-effective initial focus points for MDA-related projects.  
  How will MDA integrate into the architectural paradigms already in place?  
  How will the organisation's selection of tools, practices, technologies and infrastructure impact on the decision to introduce MDA? Where will MDA benefit the development of these initiatives?  
  Which components could be reused by introducing MDA technologies? For example, by being able to generate the same business logic in multiple platforms, business expertise can be better reused.   
  Which pilot project(s) could be completed within a relatively short period of time?  
By paying attention to the organisational structure, the MDA can work with the collaboration of internal teams rather than working being a divisive factor. The following issues should be considered:
  The current approach to collaboration and integration.  
  How do multi-skilled teams work together on complex projects?  
  Which human resources on both the technical as well as business levels would be best to include in the MDA evaluation?  
  Which measurable goals should be set for the MDA evaluation to determine success or failure? A list of these will be compiled and a success ratio will be agreed. When the team know what the goals are, they will be able to measure their own success as they proceed.  
These issues will be presented in a summarised brief technical report to the technical management of the client. 

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