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Programme Details
 These MDA seminars offer a customised insight for the customer as to how MDA could be introduced. These seminars usually include:
  A ½ day executive seminar aimed at senior management. This usually includes CEO's, CTO's, CIO's and Engineering Directors. Smaller audiences of 10 or less will enable NT/e consultants to answer any questions that will flow from the report. This seminar is similar to the initial seminar except that it will put MDA within the context of the client organisation. It will examine questions such as:
  What are the transitions costs in terms of technology and organisation?
  Which areas of the business will benefit most from MDA implementation?
  How will the organisation benefit in tangible ways from such a shift to MDA?
  Which tools will best suit the organisation?
  What are the pitfalls that should be avoided and why?
  How will the transition plan be evaluated for success?
  ½ Day technical seminar aimed at architects, designers, modellers, developers and technical managers. This seminar will focus on how the technical complexity of the organisation will be dealt with by MDA principles, techniques and tools. The customer has the option of having this seminar adapted to the technology stack used by the organisation or dealing with the more general issues of MDA implementation in complex arenas.
  ½ Day seminar on the impact of MDA development process on project management and dealing with resource allocation. This seminar will include examining the estimation of software projects, collaboration between multi-skilled teams and the impact on training of business experts within the organisation. This seminar will include some local applicability for the organisation.

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