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The MDA practicum is a highly interactive prototype intended to measure MDA's suitability to a customer's organisation. Senior technical staff, such as architects, designers, business experts and project managers should be selected by the client to participate in this workshop. The workshops usually include detailed presentations and practical application of MDA technology. To help each group they will bear a thorough understanding of which processes precedes and follows their activity. Each specialist group will, however, have time to concentrate on their relevant specialist area.
By the time this workshop starts, brief (no more than 3 pages) and practical requirements should be available. The team as a whole should understand  
  what the requirements are  
  what the implementation technology or technologies will be  
  what the success criteria is  
To reduce the impact on the normal run of business, these prototype or pilot projects can be run as a 2 day a week workshop over the period of a few weeks. This also allows for additional study between the different days of the workshop. NT/e will make JeeWiz - an MDA implementation - available free of charge for the duration of the evaluation period. This allows organisations to predict the cost of this whole MDA evaluation much more accurately. Alternatively, NT/e consultants will be happy to work with other products for MDA implementation.

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