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Programme Details
The NT/e MDA FastStart programme has been created for organisations to become familiar with Model-Driven-Architecture (MDA) within a short space of time. In as little as five weeks, senior technical and business managers can evaluate the merits of MDA. Does MDA have any tangible benefits for their organisations? Can it really be applied with their infrastructure? Does it really deliver on its promises to:
  Reduce development cost and time?  
  Separate business and technical experts when developing complex projects?  
  Improve application quality?  
  Improve the return on IT investment?  
  Introduce new technologies quickly, easily and with the minimum of risk to the business?  
By bringing business and technical staff together, the NT/e team of experienced consultants will help organisations in evaluating MDA in a customised manner. Their consultants have gained many years experience in the UK financial and telecoms industries in evaluating and introducing new methodologies and tools. They are acutely aware that success depends on getting all stakeholders involved early on.

The course is divided into the following sections:   
   Introduction and Assessment  
   Organisational Review  
   Transition Plan  
   Customised seminars  
   Practicum and Pilot  
   Final report back  

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