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NT/e can provide customised client training in specific aspects of Enterprise Java exploitation, given by consultants who have real systems delivery experience.

The combination of industry 'best practice' technical expertise with actual project delivery is a powerful one. NT/e has been of assistance to clients in the following areas:

Training at project definition stage to anticipate problems/issues with the planned development and align the client's team in outlook, expectations and structure.
Involvement mid-project to underpin a high-profile project. We concentrate on achieving business objectives - we typically review the architectures with the client's staff, go through the best practices of achieving these then address system testing and deployment to identify potential pitfalls to project completion.
Managing version upgrades.

A substantial amount of knowledge transfer occurs whilst performing normal consultancy services for clients. This mentoring of client staff is part of the consultancy package - in many instances, formal training over and above this will not be necessary.

NT/e additionally recommends training/mentoring in the use of JeeWiz!, so as to leverage it's benefits as quickly as possible.