Speed Your GigaSystems Development

NT/e is developing CloudTran to make it easy for Java developers to write large applications runnng at grid speeds that are as reliable as today's databases.

The key features of GigaSpaces are:

  • Commits persistent records at grid speeds. This is done by using a resilient buffer as a reliable temporary storage until data can be logged to disk.
  • Buffering also prevents the persistence activity slowing down the main path when there is a spike of activity or the persistent store (e.g. the database) is slow. Committing takes priority over writing and prevents committing becoming a bottleneck.
  • Large-scale distributed transactions are handled efficiently and reliably; using standard approaches, they are too slow - but application-level solutions are complex and difficult to support.
  • Object-persistence mapping, automatically mapping Java data strutctures and semantics to the persistent data-store view.

If you are interested in CloudTran - as user or developer - do let us know what you need.

CloudTran Brochure

CloudTran Technical Overview