Java Products from NT/e

The Java unit's products divide broadly into those for Code Generation based on the JeeWiz engine and those for Cloud and Grid computing, primarily for the Gigaspace platform.

Cloud and Grid Products

Grid-based computing is a massively scaleable, locally distributed architecture; where multiple computers are applied to handle a single process. Cloud computing is a managed system where the exact architecture is not necessarily known, but units of power can be bought from a virtualised data centre. You can run software as a service (SaaS), or platform as a service (PaaS) over the Internet or an intranet as a cloud, and very often this will be supported by a grid-based architecture.


It is difficult for someone new to cloud computing to write software that makes the most of a distributed, scalable architecture. How do you configure the processing units available? Where do you begin? For those architects and programmers moving from the more traditional enterprise architectures such as J2EE, NT/e provide the GigaSystemBuilder product. A get-you-going that lays down an architectural foundation on Gigaspaces, providing a much needed leg up. more...


To get the most out cloud and grid computing you want to take advantage of having your data in memory, as reading and writing from a database slows you down. On the other hand you also want the certainty of knowing that your transactions are safe and stored away in case of failure. CloudTran is an architectural framework from NT/e that provides the best of both worlds: the speed of a grid with the security of a database. Incorporating all the features of GigaSystemBuilder, CloudTran goes much further taking advantage, where possible, of running those parts of a transaction in the part of the cloud where the data it relies on naturally resides, so minimising transmission hops. more...

Code Generation Products

The mainstay of the Java division over the last seven years have been products and services based on the JeeWiz generator, not only generating code files, but transforming specification into fully working applications for enterprise environments. Currently in version 5.1, the JeeWiz engine has been made available as an Open Source product with a limited J2EE, Spring, Hibernate transform. A mature struts/EJB transform and more fully featured J2EE/Spring/Hibernate are available with commercial support.

It is possible to generate more than applications using JeeWiz: simple transforms 100 times faster than XSLT, SOA infrastructures, domain specific language definitions, business prototyping and much more