Managed Application Development

By using our model driven approach, NT/e believe you can reduce the risks in your application development, but sometimes you want try out the approach without training your staff in the new technologies. NT/e can provide application development consultants, business analysts or project managers, skilled in all aspects of model driven development, and can even take on the whole application development cycle for you. Our consultants also bring with a wide range of technical, business and process knowledge to help ensure your applation does what you need it to do when you need it to do it.


NT/e have been working in J2EE technologies for many years and can bring an in depth knowledge of the associated technologies to your team.

Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)

NT/e have developed SOA based applications for global companies and created the SOA backbone for one of the largest multi-nationals in Germany. The JeeWiz MDA tool was the code generator of choice for the Eclipse open source SOA project, Swordfish. See whether NT/e can help you with your SOA projects.

Gigaspace Cloud Applications

  • Proof of Concept Engagement
  • Migration and Integration
  • Architecture, Mentoring and Troubleshooting

Creating an application on a grid or cloud for the first time can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. NT/e can help with a short "Proof of Concept" engagement, where we will be happy to demonstrate how easy it can be to get up and going in GigaSpaces. After a week or two, your project will be well underway, pre agreed milestones reached, and you can be confident that all the technical uncertainties associated with taking a new technology on borad are hammered out.

If you are used to more traditional J2EE style development, we can help you migrate on to the cloud, swiftly and safely, while maintaining links to current systems.

An experienced consultant is sometimes just what you need to help you when you hit those inevitable snags that come along with adopting a new technology. NT/e can provide an on site consultant, advice on your next step, or even help you plan your architecture. We can be there for you, because we've been there for ourselves.